Classical Piano in Houston

The Houston arts is one of a kind, talent from all over come to Houston to share their appreciation for the music they love as they perform for the masses. 

Houston, Texas has a vibrant classical music scene and there are several opportunities to experience classical piano performances in the city.

One option is to attend concerts by the Houston Symphony, which often features piano soloists and classical piano repertoire. Another option is to attend concerts by the River Oaks Chamber Orchestra, which also features piano soloists and chamber music repertoire.

You can also check the performance schedule for the University of Houston's Moores School of Music and Rice University's Shepherd School of Music, as these institutions regularly host classical piano recitals and concerts.

Additionally, you can check local venues such as the Wortham Center, Jones Hall, and the Miller Outdoor Theatre, which regularly host classical music performances. And you can check the calendar of the Society for the Performing Arts which brings in many world-renowned classical pianist.

You can also enjoy this piece "Set Us Free" composed and performed by this local Texas classical pianist, Shawn Schoellkopf. He believes that like the Spirit led charismatic church, his music is inspired by the Holy Spirit and communicates a message on a spiritual level to the God of the Universe, creator of all things. The piece was recorded at his private studio.

SET US FREE - Shawn Schoellkopf
copyright 2020