One Year Later after Hurricane Harvey

One Year later after hurricane Harvey, what piece of advice would you give? 

1 YEAR LATER. What piece of advice would I give? It is a three part answer depending on what you experienced during Harvey. If you got what you needed (proper insurance, help, grace, love, shelter, etc.) Be thankful, If you got the shaft (from insurance, no help, felt the weight baring down on you from the devastation and no one was there, etc.) Look for what you learned, the knowledge that you ca not buy, the relationships you may have built, what can you take from the experience that God is trying to show you? If you did not get affected or were not impacted. (you came out smelling like a rose) Do not use this as a chance to be a spotlight ranger, a photo op, a chance to have a WIN / Lose instead of a WIN / WIN. We need to continually realize that there are still people in need that are still recovering. We were all affected by this event for different reasons. God gives us a choice, to either learn and grow, or not. Either way the storm happened. God bless you if you were affected, and if you need help or guidance in your recovery, I have learned a lot and can help you with any information I may have gained over the process. I do not have all the answers but I have my own experience. I am not an expert in everything but I do know what worked for us. What I know is there is an amazing God of the universe, yours and my creator. He loves us and uses different situations within the circumstances of his own creation to help us learn to grow and become closer to him. From what I have observed, God does not let bad things happen to good people, he has allowed his nature to take its course and it is an obstacle course to train us to reach our personal best, what ever that is for you.  "Train Hard, Fight Easy" that is what we have learned. This is a race not against your neighbor but against your self, to become better than you were the day before. I can tell you this. After Harvey, I am better than I was last year for sure but I have a long way to go. God bless you and please pray for me.

~ Shawn Schoellkopf

You can email me personally if you need any guidance on how to rebuild based on info that I have learned through this recovery process. Any information I share is based on my own experience and is given at a use at your own risk bases. I do NOT claim to know everything but I do know what I did that worked for us. I would be happy to help in any way I can to guide anybody in the right direction including trust worthy contractors who are fair and care.